Meet The Maker

Hello Beautiful Souls!
My name is Char Bird, I am a mother and I continue to be an auto-immune disease champion. I have two beautiful kiddos who light up my world, and I live with a disease that is yet to be diagnosed. However I refuse to let it define me or slow me down. I am also the owner and creator at Soul Soak, I am an advocate for self love and care and love to teach others about how to better care for their bodies. Here is how I found my passion by accident.
Since I was fifteen years old, I was a workaholic. I truly struggled to find my place in life. I went to eleven schools in my youth and grew tired of trying to fit in with my peers. I constantly struggled with academics as I was good at working with my hands and creating things. I was never the type to do what I was told, or follow along with everyone else. I felt completely out of place. When everyone moved on to University, I still had no clue who I wanted to be, so I worked. I worked long hours, and sometimes double shifts. Work gave me some sort of purpose that I couldn't seem to figure out myself. However it was hard on my body, I worked long hours on my feet and never "relaxed". That word wasn't even in my vocabulary. Over ten years I became a busy mom of two who worked far too much. 
Suddenly in 2017 my life took a turn. I had a 6 year old and a 5 month old, a crazy job where I worked 70+ hours a week and a battle with the justice system. Needless to say, I got very sick, I finally crashed and burned. I lost 70 lbs in 4 months, could hardly walk and couldn't concentrate anymore. It all became a dark hole. I immediately had to go on medical leave and re-evaluate the world I had created for myself. I was worried about making ends meet so I created Soul Soak (formally known as The Bird Bath), to make up for income. I immediately fell in love with what I was creating. It taught me to treat my body like the temple that it is, and to relax.
Soul Soak was always my purpose. I learned the hard way that your body can crash on you at any age. No one is untouchable or invincible. You only have one chance at life, don't destroy your body. Self care is so important, and my goal is to teach people that it is a necessity and in no way selfish. So unwind, pour a glass of wine and fill up the bath tub. Join me on this journey of self care and soul healing, it's going to be beautiful.